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    Strong Girls Blog

    So how does a "Crop Top" help me maintain my inner strength?

    Which Line of Code?

    I dont know where within all of our DNA code are the digits that unlock why attraction is so important to us. Heck, appearance is even important to animals. Guess which bird below is the male and which is the female?  And yes I kinda think that it is funny that male birds are more attractive than female birds. But the bottom line is, attractive appearance is an undeniable part of our human nature, and wildlife.  Ohh and here is an odd detail, researchers studied the eye movements of the female peahens, they found out that the peahens eyes are actually more attracted to the peacocks legs than his feather display. Sometimes you just cant win.

    Modest is Hottest!!!?

    The "Modest is Hottest" movement started with the very best of intentions. Essentially it has encouraged women to cover their bodies so as to avoid inappropriate attention from men. While the intentions are good, unfortunately for many women (not all) it leaves them with a prevailing feeling of shame.

    Certainly an emphasis on attempting to be "sexy" has even greater pitfalls. So we are not advocating for sexy either.

    But somewhere we need to find balance in it all. Too often I hear stories about that one girl who developed before everyone else in her grade and how quickly she learned to be ashamed of herself. And then there was that other girl who was a competitive gymnast and it seemed she did not develop any kind of feminine shape until she was in college (does anybody know that girl?). I could write a whole other blog on how ashamed I was of my skinniness and not feeling like a looked like a woman. Someone told me, wait, another woman actually told me, "real women have curves". So was I a woman yet? Maybe I needed "Modest is Hottest" to protect me from the unwanted attention of jealous women. Dang what a crazy way to live! So there I was, already ashamed of my body and now I was supposed to be even more ashamed of it? 

    "We have to stop the shaming; fat shaming, skinny shaming, body shaming."

    One of our daughters is quite modest and we are great with that. So long as she is not in any way ashamed of her body. Our other daughter.... Well lets just say that she is very naive and free spirited, and we love that! So somewhere conversations have to take place with our daughters about all of this. Conversations about your sense of worth not being based on your appearance. Or that the greatest thing that you have to offer this world is not found in your beauty, but in the ways you love God, others, and yourself.

    So why are we selling a crop top? Because all girls bodies are different. Take my body, I am 64 inches tall (5'4"). However my inseam is 30 inches. Meaning that I have very long legs. That also means I have a very short torso. So when I wear a crop top you cant see my belly. The over all effect of me wearing a crop top is that it makes me look taller. However if your put that same top on my sister? Lets just say she has a much longer torso than me. When I wear a crop top I wear high waisted pants or sometimes I wear a shirt underneath, but that is my choice. On the other hand, because of my short torso, I cant wear a shirt that plunges at all..... Ohhhhh man. 

    We are a purpose or vision based apparel company which seeks to help girls build and maintain inner strength so we do hold our selves to a bit of a higher standard. However we do not intend at all to limit our appeal to just those people who are looking for modest apparel. It is our goal to be fashion forward. Because everyones body is different. And like I said modest is relative to the body type of the person who wears the garment, and sometimes even their personality. So some of our shirts are fitted, some are flowwy. Some plunge a bit or are cut high and so on. Someday we hope to offer dresses, and blouses, and sweaters and all sorts of other accessories. Some of the things we are going to sell, if put on the wrong body, may take things a little too far. We will leave it to you to decide what is best for you and your body. 

    But please, please, dont walk in shame.

    Love to all!!!

    eaChica Press Release

    Hey folks here is our eaChica Press Release if you know anyone who has a blog, works at a paper, or "Insta-famous" let us know! We would love to talk with them about how they might help us out. 

    Press Release
    February 1, 2017
    Eureka Springs, AR
    A mission based apparel company 
    which seeks to help girls build and maintain 
    inner strength. 
    Right now is an amazing moment for womens rights in America. Women have greater rights and freedoms than we have ever seen. There is currently no shortage of amazing role models for young women to look up to. This torch has been built and fanned by a wonderful generation of women and men who have supported their fight. The torch for this fight is about to be passed onto a new generation of young ladies to carry. But are they ready for it?
    "Ever heard of the word Frenemy"


    Currently our younger generation is inspired and motivated by what they see in these older women and it would seem they are ready, however they face significant challenges. We have been working with young women for more than 2 decades and what we have continually seen is that the undoing of women's rights may come at their own hands. The current culture for young ladies is rarely one of true support. It is more often than not one that looks more like a competitive arena. Ever heard of the word "Frenemy"? So instead of a sisterhood its more of a constant game of appraising others worth and perceived value against your own sense of self worth. Who is prettier, has a better body, and who is more charming? If she feels she does not measure up, the jealousy motivates a girl to gossip and slander in an effort the diminish the value of another girl. 

    "We rise by lifting others"

    It is our goal with eaChica to build an apparel brand which seeks to inspire girls to empower each other rather than tear each other down. Our garments are fashion forward with inspirational messages on them. The main heartbeat of our brand is to give back. 


    These give back programs include:
    • Power Lunches. Where women meet with with groups of high school and middle school girls for lunch. Through guided conversation these women help young ladies find ways to build their sense of self worth.  
    • Strong Girl Rallies which are weekend retreats for girls to learn how to build and maintain inner strength.
    • Chicas Fuertes we seek to support women in Central America by helping them to become bilingual so that they can have a greater voice in their own societies.  
    Currently we are in Kickstarter mode and are asking for your support by spreading the news about our project. We would love for you to consider blogging about us or sharing us with your social media networks. 
    For more information please find us at:
    Or certainly if you would love to chat more about it I can be reached at:
    Lots of Love,
    Kym Rodda

    "Inner strength" What do you mean?


    So what do we mean by "inner strength".

    Lets start by understanding what strength is; Strength is a state of being able to either resist or exert force. So when we think about a bridge being strong we know that it can resist all of the force applied to it without breaking. When we talk about a truck being strong we know that it can exert incredible amounts of force to carry heavy objects. Inner strength then is the state of being able to emotionally resist a challenging situation or to change it.  

    Several years ago Stella was going through challenging time. Everyday I would pick her up from the bus stop and I would begin to hear about how a group of girls were chipping away at her sense of self-confidence. As her father I made it my goal to build her up and to be honest I took a very holistic approach to it. Meaning that we tried to address her challenges physically, spiritually, and emotionally. We knew that soccer would be a great way for her to blow off some steam and at the same time teach her a bit about courage. We memorized scripture which helped remind her how important she was. And then emotionally I constantly celebrated who she was as a person, and then took every possible opportunity to try to build her up. We also roleplayed situations to help her find the strength to stand up her frenemies. This all became a habit for our family and through the process we began to learn about many other girls who were having the same struggles Stella was.

    What is so interesting to us is the competitive arena that girls find themselves in, and the ways in which they compete within it. A new girl walks into the room and all of the sudden everyone is being measured up against her. Who is prettier, has the best body, whos the coolest? If one girl feels her status is challenged the passive aggressive bullying starts, then the gossip, compliments that dont really feel like compliments. All of it with the specific purpose of chipping away at a person's sense of inner strength.

    The thing that we realised was that girls are struggling to find access to the right tools to help build their inner strength. If you are wanting to become more physically fit then you would go and join a gym or join a team, maybe go on a diet. If you are wanting to grow spiritually you can go to church or read a book. But if you are wanting to grow your inner strength you can….. Listen to music or medicate?(do you get the point?) Sadly for too many people they fail to address this area of life until it gets critical. Often this results in a person either seeing a counselor, being medicated, or perhaps even hospitalized.

    While we do feel addressing the issue of emotional strength in a holistic way is wise and helpful. It is our goal to be a little more specific. Our feeling is that strong girls will empower other girls, not defeat them. It is our desire to help provide girls with as many tools as possible to foster their own inner strength and then the motivation to build other girls up. This is the most important piece of it. Girls helping girls.

    We would love to hear your thoughts on this:

    1. If you went to an “emotional gym” what kinds of exercises would you do?
    2. What does your emotional diet look like? What are things you tell your self often to help you through challenging times?
    3. What is your emotional vegetable, something that is actually going to help you in the long run? What's your emotional junk food?

    Who are we anyway?

     Who are we anyway?  Did you know as humans we are over 99% alike?   We all have a heart pushing blood through our veins.  We eat food to give us energy for the day.  We love to laugh and create memories with our best friends.  We love to be loved.  Yet, in our minds, we are so different.  In our minds we create vast mountains of judgments towards each other.  It's because of our limited mindset.  We tend to be narrow minded about what we think is right... right?  Still, with all these limitations we put on ourselves and others, there's one more statement we want to ring true... "I'm enough".

         So, in this strength building journey, what if we create space for something else?  What if we opened our minds up a little more.  What if we made space to think PAST what we understand?  What if we make a little more space for mistakes.  Our own mistakes and others mistakes.  What if we were a bit more open minded to imperfections about ourselves and others.  Can you imagine how much happier we would be?
         I just read this to my beautiful 69 years young mom.  In all of her wisdom she says, "When you finally realize you ARE enough, you can start to relax and feel calm about yourself.  Guilt starts fading".  Once we've created space to be okay with ourselves, mistakes and all, we can start being okay with others.  
         Here is your strength building challenge for the week.  If you or someone else makes a mistake, take a moment to reflect.  Is it worth obsessing over the mistake or imperfection?  Are your thoughts running wild while your heart pounds out of your chest?  At this moment create some space.  Create space for the mistake or imperfection.  Let it go.  Remind yourself you ARE enough.  By the time you are 69 you will have realized it... so, let yourself realize it now.