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    Our Kickstarter was a success! Wow!

    And what an amazing month it was!

    As we got closer to the end of our project it was looking bleak as we had a long way to go with it all. However before we launched our Kickstarter we studied other projects and noted their goals, backer levels, and so on. We saw that it seemed that projects either hit their goal in the first few days, mostly because of really good pre-promotion, or they surged at the end. We hoped to hit it early. But that is not the story we needed to be honest. 

    The benefit of doing the Kickstarter was not at all what I thought it would be. It has come in the form of an education. Weve learned so much over the past few weeks! Weve had so many awesome meetings and appointments and so on. The networking that has resulted from this whole process has been unreal. 

    So a few days ago when it was looking bleak for us I was honestly ready to declare it all a success and move on to our next phase. That is honestly how I felt about it. But that was not going to be our story either. 

    So now moving forward we will be fulfilling the first batch of orders and then creating a back stock of items with some of the excess funds. We will use the some to help create a marketing campaign to get our web store up and going. And then finally some of it will go towards putting together our first strong girl rally. Its all very exciting. 

    We will also be creating a curriculum for people to start launching their own power lunches. This curriculum will be free to anyone who wants it and we will be happy to do what ever we can to provide support for these events. 

    SO here comes chapter 2!

    The Roddas


    To view our project go here: