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    The eaChica Story

    Several Months ago our then 12 year daughter old came to us wanting to start a company which would help to inspire girls. We are always looking to support our girls and their ambitions so we encouraged her to find a name. It was not long and she came back with a name.  

    "I have a name for the company" She says. "I think it should be called "EA". In Hawaiian, it means no one can hold you back". I went over to the computer and started searching. Sure enough I saw words and phrases like; "sovereignty", "breath", "life force", "independence", "to rise up". Curious I looked up the meaning of "EA" in other languages. In Latin it means "female". In Old English is means "rising water" or "flood". In Spanish it means "hey" or "come on!". The word was perfect, when you combine the mean of the word in all of its languages "EA" is the unstoppable girl. 

    So we have formed a mission based apparel company which seeks to help girls build and maintain inner strength. Our goal is to offer the following things to girls; 

    • Inspirational apparel and gifts. Most of the inspirational apparel we see in stores geared towards athletes. We wanted create apparel which would be inspiring to girls regardless of their interests. 
    • A blog and social media channels which girls would find encouraging to them. 
    • "Power Lunches" and "Strong Girl Rallies". "Power Lunches" are weekly lunches held on school campuses. During these lunches an adult will guide the girls in a conversation with the goal of helping them to build and maintain inner strength. They will also help them to empower each other. At "Strong Girl Rallies" the girls will go a retreat with a group of other girls with those same goals in mind.