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    And its bigger than  just making you look fabulous!

    Our girl power giveback program is one of my favorite things EVER!  As you may already know, helping girls  build and maintain inner strength is what eaChica is all about.  Our first giveback program is called “Power Lunch”.  We meet in Middle Schools, High Schools and Universities (clubs and sororities).  

    We gather twice a week for 3 weeks.  We talk about what it looks like to build and maintain inner strength.  There are six girls in each group… not to big, not to small.

    Knowing thyself is SO important.  You would think we would already know everything we need to know about ourselves, as girls... but we don’t!  Did you know we are born with 60% more of the hormone that makes you cry???  We should know this about ourselves!

    We live in a country which is opening the door to girls rising up.  We are here to help girls with everyday tools in building and maintaining inner strength.  It’s true we do things to help our physical bodies stay in shape.  We workout and try to eat right.  eaChica “Power Lunch” is like eating organic for your mind.

    If you’re interested in seeing a “Power Lunch” come to your school or organization, let us know!